A Mothers Dream Shoe!


I remember my life before I had my son when I had all the time in the world to get ready in the morning. Now my mornings start with my three year old son screaming “bwekfist (breakfast)” and asking me, “mama are you sleeping?” as I’m rubbing my eyes to wake up! Once I am out of bed, I do my quick morning routine (coming soon on my VLOG), get dressed, and barley have time to tie my shoes, before my son is ready to run out the door. He is such a morning person (thanks to his babbo!)

For this reason I say, THANK GOD FOR SHOES WITHOUT LACES and GRAZIE GUCCI! ahaha I don’t know if Gucci had a mother in mind when designing their Princetown Leather slipper, but I am so thankful they did! These shoes are made for moms on the go! The slip on mule is a perfect shoe with easy access, without compromising style!



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