Ciao Kobe and Ciao L.A


I’ve been back in Italy for a week now and I don’t know why I am craving things from home so badly already!! In and out, my favorite sushi spot on 3rd street, The Grove after Zeyd’s swim lessons… we’ve developed a routine (with a kid it’s a must, I guess) and I miss that. We have to re-learn everything all over again. This time was actually harder to leave L.A. then other times because Z now understands what is happening but doesn’t at the same time. He understands we are going back to Italy… but why are we leaving home? “I want to stay home…take me back home.” Killed me. Seriously killed me. I started to cry and think am I doing things right? Is this damaging him? How will this affect his personality later on? As a parent I question myself a lot to make sure every move I make for my son is a beneficial one. A week back now and I realize it was a good move. We have to work and Z is super happy with the lifestyle we have here. Beach, grandparents, friends, simple life, organic foods… Italy is beautiful!!  Yes, change is hard on all of us but we adapt quickly and that is a very important and strong trait to have in life since you never know where life can take you…

As most of you know Kobe’s final game in the NBA with the Lakers was a month ago… I watched that game and cried like a baby.  1.) It made me feel so old and 2.) It felt like an end of an era. I remember when he first came on to the Lakers so young playing against huge players and now leaving as one of the greatest of all time. If you don’t know I’m a huge Lakers fan… blame my dad. I grew up watching every single game with my dad since I was born. Anyway, bravo Lebron James- great game, great win Cavs!

<3 E.

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