It’s going down…


Man oh man oh man… shit shit shit… I’m so nervous writing this post. My hands are literally shaking.  I’ve been trying my best to stay calm and relax my mind… oh if you didn’t know I’M HAVING A BABY IN A FEW HOURS! I’ve been so emotional crying all yesterday because I’m going to miss him inside of me so much.  He was all mine up until today… on top of that I’m overwhelmed with emotions.  I’m worried about being an amazing mom, how our lives are going to change so much, already worrying about him… but at the same time I’m so excited and ready to meet our little creation!!! What a mix of emotions.  Michael couldn’t believe I was crying because I was going to miss him in my belly… he seriously was in shock and thought I was crazy because the past 40 weeks I have been complaining about being pregnant and really suffered throughout this past year.  And now…. ahahhaa maybe I am crazy?  However, all the comments I’ve received on Instagram and Facebook assured me this is absolutely normal! So I’m not too cray. 😉 Thank you, thank you for all your support and kind messages, comments, emails… I cannot tell you how much it is all appreciated!!!! Love you all! We’re getting ready to become PARENTS!!!!!!! I’m going to be a mommy… eeeeeeekkk!!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO MEET MY BABY BOY!!!!!! <3 E.

A few pix from our maternity shoot with Carlos Nunez and MUA Alison Christian- thanks for making it so special and comfortable for us. Love you guys! <3

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