Fall-ing in Los Angeles.


I forgot how hot it got in L.A. during September and October.  This past weekend was hotter than ever, I couldn’t even last a minute beneath the rays of the scorching sun. Dramatic. And of course, we had so much to do this weekend for the house… we need to move in already and things keep getting held back. We bought the house in June and we are still in our WeHo apartment with a baby on the way. I’m beginning to feel really stressed out.  On top of all this I am trying to buy everything I need for baby, search for good infant classes (since we know nothing), prepare for unexpected labor (terrified), we have friends and family coming in from Italy to stay with us every month starting next week, and to add to it my family wants to throw me a baby shower next month… that I do not want.  Being high risk makes me terrified of anything happening and with the condition I have pre-term labor is definite…. just don’t know when, which makes me even more on edge. Ahh I guess today is just one of those days I need to learn how to breathe. Oh & did I mention work?!!! We are in the phase of designing the Happiness spring/summer collection now and preparing for the holidays in our stores… chaos in my head. Have to get back to it… <3 E.

A minute home by the pool with some gelato. My bump is a lot bigger now… ahh so so scurrred.

Mi sono dimentica quanto caldo e’ a Los Angeles ad Ottobre. Lo scorso week end e stato il più’ caldo del mese e sfortunatamente non sono riusciata a godermelo in spiaggia o in piscina come tutti i Los Angelinos ma tra casa, lavoro e gravidanza ad alto rischio abbiamo girato per negozi di arredo, mercatini ed ovviamente nel nostro ufficio. Stiamo infatti disegnando la collezione Spring Summer di Happiness e….. CAOS!! Comunque tutto procede bene e la casa spero sia finita il 31 ottobre per la mia festa di Halloween! <3 E.

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Hey guys,

congrats for your babybelly!!! Happy for you! I hope things are going well. When are you due?
We had a little baby girl on the 29th of August and are in four now. Which is “big party” every day! She came a month earlier with a cesarian and was minimini but she is growing so fast… Enjoy the remaining time before the baby comes – like going to the cinema together – something that you probably won t be able to do for some time after.. Fingers crossed!!! Lot sof love from Berlin! Doreen and famiglia

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