Fashion-Family in Flo-town.


I’m missing my fashion week family here in Vegas. :( Wish all the Italians were here with us… hopefully next year they will all make it to the U.S of A. I don’t know if this is going to make any sense… shit, I never make sense but here it goes… sometimes when living a certain way I don’t realize how I’m really living this life until I take a step back to see it from the outside.  I mean we all live daily, second to second without noticing ourselves in the 24 hours that passed by. We notice the things we did but not how we did it, how we felt, and how things could have been because it just comes naturally to just do it without thinking.  Yes, I know I think too much about dumb shit and I can’t help it, it’s how I’m built. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is… last month when I was in Florence for Pitti Fashion Week I didn’t notice a lot until seeing these pictures.  I’m working along side my bad-ass and beautiful husband, we have created an amazing team of passionate people who work for us, I live in Italy and L.A., going to fashion week all over the world, working on our brand Happiness daily, opening stores… sometimes I can’t believe it’s real! My future told me I would probably be in the Navy (if it were up to my father… I was troubled so he thought that was the only thing that could “save” me.) but I found fashion, I moved toward my goals when everyone told me it was a joke, they said FIDM was bullshit and would get me no where. Well, I met Michael at FIDM and I will forever be thankful for that decision! Do not give a fuck what people say, I’m serious… don’t! Live for you, this life is so little and you only have one chance to make things happen! Looking at these pictures I am happy, proud, and thankful. <3 E.

Wearing pants by Joie, Underground shoes, Prada bag, and Marni coat.

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