A navy in Paris.

Eiman Hamza


I didn’t think I was going to be able to do another post until sometime during the week but heyyyy!  I’m writing this post from Munich airport in Germany where I will be taking off very soon to get back home to L.A. Can’t wait to see my friends and family!  It has only been a month or so since I have seen them but it really feels like forever. Being super busy will do that to you.  Here is a little (outfit) post to better show the details from yesterdays post.  Uuggghhhh I haaaaaate doing these types of posts where I look like a damn tard slash wanna be model slash I hate posing like this and like that… but you guys email me asking to see more from my outfits so here you go. Blehhhh! The things I do for my readers man. Ok, boarding… love you all! Off to La La land…. <3 E. 

Sweater is from the My Closet Vintage & More collection,  skirt is from Zara, boots are Jean-Michel Cazabat, leopard trench Zara with an added piece from Happiness. 

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