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What do you do when your child loves someone else more than you? I don’t have kids but my mom in law just got into town and right before she came my little Zeppelin was so all about me, me, and only me.  When I’m in Italy I share him with the world so these past few days have been super special.  Now it’s like Eiman who? He sleeps next to her, sits next to her, cries when she leaves, only wants to be with her. It’s as if I don’t even exist.  He’s such a little shit… I can’t help but think to our near future when we have kids. Oh mamma mia! I expressed my sadness to Michael and of course he thinks I’m crazy. He’s comparing me to Fidel Castro- he says if I don’t show my kids the light they are blinded and so I’m like Fidel in the sense that Cubans love him until they leave Cuba and then they hate him.  Zeppelin and Michael are on my shit list. 😉 After my emotions, that I cannot control I realized their are pro’s and con’s to this friends. Here they are…


– I don’t have to wake up at 6am to walk Zeppelin or put him food or pick up his poo.

– My child will be very taken care of… full time baby sitter 24/7

– My child will have a REALLY loving grandmother

– I’m happy that there is a lot of love and happiness rather than other feelings. 

– If my child is loved they are happy and that makes me happy.


– I have a hard time sharing love so it hurts a little. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl! 

– I have to deal with sharing my future children with the world and I must get over it. 

– Have to deal with being the bad guy for the rest of my life since I’m the only one that disciplines. 

– I’m always going to lose in this fight that I can never win.

Pro’s win! Selfish me. <3 E. 

Pix are from a day in China Town where we ate the yummiest dim sum ever. Yummy!


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