Give love & spread light.


Hey friends! Just a quick little post before I go to bed. These are a few of the pictures taken in Formentera near the beautiful lighthouse.  Standing on the edge of that cliff and looking out to the wide sea while Michael held me tight brought so many thoughts to my head. I truly think the world needs more love, more positivity, I think that every action we make and the way we treat people should be thought over because it will without a doubt effect someone deeply and possibly change them forever.  I wish people could forgive easily without being let down and that jealousy and hate never consumed a good soul. I believe all of us are born beautiful and if we just care for our children, show them love, and teach our future generation how to care for others the world will be closely equivalent to heaven. Can’t we make that happen?  We are capable of anything. I want my children to grow up in that world so start today and make that change. Smile a little more, share your happiness and not your dark thoughts, spread that love and shine your light on the people who need it most.  <3 E. 

A little shout out to my man. My wonderful and precious husband who is the creator of all things Happiness. (No pun intended) Well, kinda. You are such a beautiful soul… (ugh really tearing up as I write?) you get the point Kol… you get it. 😉 Ti amz.

Husband & I are both wearing Happiness brand. :)


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