A Happiness diary of Coterie NYC.



Done, we have finished our second show at Coterie! It was so nice to see our buyers from the last show and meet new ones too. It was such a wonderful feeling hearing our brand has sold out in stores and seeing the buyers super happy. That’s the intention of Happiness is a $10 Tee, the reason it was born! Now we need to get back to the factory and start shipping out all the orders to these fabulous stores!!!! Eek… <3 E.

Fine, abbiamo terminato il nostro secondo show al Coterie! E’ stato bello vedere i nostri buyers ritornare ed incontrane nuovi. Una emozione bellissima sentire che il nostro brand e’ stato venduto bene ed i buyer molto felici.  Questa e’ l’intenzione di Happiness is a $10 Tee, la ragione per cui siamo nati! Ora dobbiamo tornare in azienda e spedire tutti gli ordini per i nostri fantastici clienti!!!! Eek…<3


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