A Foreign Affair.


One of the most difficult parts about moving to a different country is making friends or even getting into a group. I have friends that I have made through Michael, such as girl friends of Michael’s friends. However, coming from a completely different place, a bigger city with so much more diversity and facing many different experiences than girls in a smaller city, finding things in common has been a little tough. Fortunately  I’ve been lucky to have met a group of girls who have a little bit more in common with me. Coming from London, Germany, Paris, New York, even Iran… and many of them marrying Italian men, I’ve found it so much easier to communicate with them (mainly because we communicate in English.) Not only that part but we understand each other and relate better to one another because we have gone through a lot of the same experiences… leaving our homes and everything behind to start a new life in Italy. Don’t get me wrong the few Italian girl friends I have I adore so much… just having a group of International girls makes things a little more complete for me here.

Pictures are from a dinner last Saturday hosted by Selina who is from London. Each person had to bring a dish from their origin & we did a little secret santa. Being from L.A. I made tacos. 😉 It was such a good time, and all the food was delicious!






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I’m so happy for you <3 this post is so sweet

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Thanks Bev! <3

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